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Everything I do starts in my heart. 

My name is Magdalena Miloszewska and I am a fulfilled, mature woman. All my life I
managed to do only what I truly wanted and liked to do. Looking back this selectiveness
afforded me to explore knowledge I previously couldn’t have even dreamt about.
Since my very beginning contact with nature and animals are close to my heart. I am
fascinated by psychology and human spirituality. In my spare time I do some painting
and like to write my life observations. Besides I run my breeding kenel and use that
opportunity to study relations and interactions between dogs and their people.
Long time ago I’ve noticed similarity of energies of dogs and families they live with. I’ve
noticed as well that – regardless of breed – successive dogs in the same family suffer the
same health problems. Seems to me almost as these animals enter given family’s system
and take upon themselves all its difficulties and problems – somewhat like human
children in sense of family systems as presented by Bert Hellinger.
Some time later I’ve had opportunity to learn about Recall Healing, Total Biology and
understood all disease, problems and worries come from certain stereotypes/convictions
resulting from our own experiences or experiences of our ancestors (transmissions
between generations). Our dogs and other animals sometimes absorb that energy and
suffer a disease with us – or in our stead. Eager to learn further I started looking for more
research and input and indeed there is a lot to read on the subject! It really is so
encouraging to see other sharing similar viewpoints, particularly in such unconventional
matters. This particular topic is beautifuly recounted –among other publications – in
work of Ruediger Dahlke and Imgard Baumgartner “Das Tier als Spiegel der
Menschlichen Seele” (“Animals as reflection of human soul”). It seems to me certain
animals appear in our lives for a reason. All bring much needed energy to sustain us in
that moment, to support us overcome life difficulties and help understand our world and
ourselves better.
And yet sometimes animals appear to teach as a lesson – and not always a pleasant one
too. Here I must point most emphatically how important is to show respect to our lesser
and significant brothers.
Breeding dogs means to me experiencing amplified feeling of unconditional love. Thanks
to such closeness to animals I learn to love – unconditionally – all living things.