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Historia rasy


Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Health of breed

GSMD as a breed belonging to molosser type is prone to various joints ailments most common being elbow and hip displasia and osteochondrosis (most often affected is shoulder joint)

Small number of GSMD may have congenital defect of eyelashes growing in double row (distichiasis) with one on inner edge of an eyelid. Others can present as an eyelid folding inward (entoprium) or outward of eyeball. These conditions can irritate the eye, be painful or cause frequent infections but can be fixed permanently by surgery.

All deep chested and large breeds - including GSMD- are at risk of spleen or gastric torsion (bloat). Some GSMD may have "delicate stomach" causing digestion problems, others urinary system issues - these reguire specific diets. Peculiar symptom observed occassionaly is "floor licking' - affected dog vigorously licks some objects or surface (floor, carpet etc.) or eats grass -it indicates that dog is having a form of heartburn and needs to be given an antiacid. This happens most often to young dogs and puppies.
Some pedigree lines in Europe and USA can have cases of epilepsy - please make sure you buy your GSMD from reputable breeder.